Friday, January 07, 2011

Day 4

7 things that cross my mind alot
1. No pictures, please
2. should I dye my hair?
3. Is there still some chocolate covered Christmas trees in the pantry?
4. What if?
5. Does she think I am a idiot?
6. I need a vacation!
7. I need a nap!


jennifer said...

OK, number one... No, you don't need to dye your hair. It looks great! BUT, it's your hair so if you want to go flaming red, go for it!

Number two - the coral candlesticks (?) in the background of that photo - I LOVE those!!

Jerri junque said...

Oh, just maybe a pink streak. What you think? Can I pull it off? haha
I love the coral too and they pop in the old apple boxes. Miss you, when you coming to visit?

jennifer said...

I wish I was there NOW enjoying the snow. Some good that sled is doing me down here. It's in the attic, feeling lonely :)

When we get back up there I will be coming to see you!