Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Of Color

Okay, It is time for a blog challenge. With Winter colors not very inspiring, I challenge you to join me in a Week Of Color. Show me what makes you happy! Each day next week we will post a new picture that makes us feel good, inspires you and tell us why. Do you see why I might pick this old looking white and off white bouquet of home made ( I anit gonna die) flowers. Don't they look Happy? They make me smile. And they inspire me to create. And that is what matters. So show me what makes you smile.

January 24th-Monday - White, off white

January 25th-Tuesday-Blues,turquoise

January 26th-Wednesday- Greens

January 27th- Thursday- Red, pink

January 28th- Friday- Yellow or Orange

Leave me a comment if you are joining and we will all check out your post too.

1 comment:

Marian Baker said...

love those... flowers??