Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 2- 9 things about me
1. I love to scrapbook but have no time. I have the urge to create lately and no time. I did squeeze out enough time to create these two pages since Christmas.
2. I want to please everyone. And sometimes it is a pain in the butt.
3. I get me feeling hurt, easy.
4. I can't forget when I get my feeling hurt.
5. There is not enough time in the day to get done what I want to do.
6. I am happy. I love my life.
7. I love soaps. I watch 4 out of the 5 that is on network TV.
8. I worry way to much.
9. I think way to much....what if?


JennV said...

Beautiful Pages! Granted, you have Great subjects to scrap with those boys!

Love ya Friend!

jennifer said...

Those pages are wonderful! You have a distinct style - 'Very Jerri'.

I haven't created a scrapbook page in over a year (maybe since the '09crop). I've created, just not with pictures.

Have a Happy Friday!