Friday, December 31, 2010

Long End of the Year Post
Christmas has come and gone and it is time to bring on the New Year.
We had to wake up the younger boys at 8 on Christmas morning. I can't believe they were not up at 4, like I use to be as a child.
Malik is so grown now and most of his gifts were clothing,
and video games.

Toot wasn't to interested in opening his gifts after he saw the tricycle and bubble gum in his brother stocking.
He took that bubble tape to every grown up in the house to open it. We looked at it and gave it back to him. he wasn't happy till Malik gave him a bit. Afterall it was Christmas morning.

We got Ky the scooter he had been seeing on the TV. But it seems he wanted everything he had seen on the TV and News Papers since about October. He kelp wanting to revise his Christmas list. So we didn't know from day to day what he really wanted. He just wanted it all!


We woke up to snow on Christmas morning. It was the fist white Christmas since the 80's. (and this picture was on Monday after, all was about gone) Someone James works with gave him this gator for the boys and they love it! Toot wants out to ride all the time. We have to charge the battery while he is in bed so it is ready to go again in the morning.

I bought this gingerbread house at a charity bake sale and Ky wanted to get at it all month. I bought it strictly for decoration. So I let him at it before I tossed it. It was so hard I had to help. The baby just ate the candy lane, it made him happy.
So tomorrow will be 2011 and I can't believe we can add another year in the books. My boys and family are growing, happy and healthy. We have so much to be thankful for. My little shop will celebrate 5 years in January.
Thank you 2010 for a great year. Now bring on 2011!

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