Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafting Friday
Today I want to spotlight my tree at the shop.
This ball was a silk cover ball. You remember the ones I am talking about.
If they got a snag, they raveled.
So I raveled them and punched circles and glued them on and added a bow.
I made cones and ornaments from hymnal pages.

This is a old Zinc lid that was trash. It was bent and could not be used. So I punched holes with the crop a dile and glued in a circle cut from a old Christmas card. Add embellishment and wala.
This tree looks so small in this picture, but it is 5 feet tall and really pretty.
I love decorating at the shop.
It is a dream come true.
And I can go crazy.
I would never put present in my bath tub...or would I?

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OCEANNE said...

Very creative :)