Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Can you believe today is December 1st?
And I am struggling trying to find a way to guide my grandson in remember why we celebrate CHRISTmas.
I have a few ideas, but would love any suggestions.
But today as i was ready my morning devotional, I had to pause and remember the past week.
My hubby had lost not one but two uncles .
One ill for quite awhile and the other enjoyed a drink or two or three.
But did it make it any easier for their families?
Daddy would not be there on CHRISTmas morning.
There would be a empty chair this holiday season.
A void.
So my way of thinking, has changed this morning.
Yes, the brothers maybe better off but the families left behind will have a difficult CHRISTmas.
So as you enjoy this wonderful festive time of year, pause and think of the ones that has lost a loved one.

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