Saturday, July 26, 2008

The pool Story

Do you see the pool behind Hubby? To the right of the dish that keeps the aliens away. It's a southern thing....This pool has been a thorn in his side all summer, well, really the last 2 summers.
We bought this pool about 12 years ago. This is my pool, I love the water. We have put very little $ into it in the last 12 years, other than chemicals. We have enjoyed this pool so much, that we have talked about a in-ground pool in the near future.
Last year, we were so busy, it was late when we opened it up and never got it looking great, so we did not get into it. So Hubby started early this year, Chemicals, water samples, more chemicals, more samples. We have never had this problem...He wanted it ready for the 4th of July party, it didn't happen, so we filled it with chemical, so it wouldn't be infested. Had the party and hubby started working on it again. So last week, he made a decision to drain the pool and re-fill. It took several days to empty, and the last 2 afternoons we have scooped bucket-ful out of the pool. Scrubbing and using the shop vac, we finished last night at dark. And starting filling it back up. We noticed a place where there was sand, hubby said, I know I vacuumed that spot. So at closer inspection, there was a hole. Now if you have ever patched a hole in the pool, there is this glue, that gets all over you. So he patched it, and found more sand, patched it. started looking closer and our pool is now a colander or swiss cheese. The liner is 12 years old, but I really didn't want to put any more $ into this pool.
Boo hoo


Jerralea said...

Wow, what a bummer about the pool ... but at least you HAVE a pool.

Thanks for visiting my blog. No, my husband's name is not Terry, but having two Jerrys at family get togethers was enough. We also have two Jims and a Tim. Families are great!

jennifer said...

Poor Grandson #1. I bet he was disappointed. All that work too.



JennV said...

Ok... is that one of those skim boards that Terry's got in his hand on the blue slip-n-slidey thingie? I'm Scairt! Hate it about the pool springing multiple leaks... what a bummer! But hey, now you can take it down and get busy on that cement pond! Need help digging? :o)