Friday, July 11, 2008

I see "RED". Just a few thing on or around my table. I also had a customer that made me see red yesterday. I had a few customers in the store when she busted in the door and stated, You are never open and I screamed to my husband to stop she is open today.( I am closed on Sunday and Monday.) She carried a bottle of what I thought was light colored soda until I got a whiff of her breath. She was a needy person and ask for prices and had questions, which is no problem but she was saying what are your hours, you are never open. I have worked with the public almost all my life and I am a cool cookie. I know how to turn the other cheek. I went to the counter got a business card with the store hours and left it with her. And then the hubby came in and started spouting off about Mr Big Shot (name withheld) said to come by here and charge what ever we wanted. I hated to tell him Mr. Big Shot is not as honest and trustworthy than he thinks, and he is just blowing alot of you know what out his you know what. They were both loud and he kelp insisting they were in a hurry and needed to leave. They went on and on for about 45 minutes, and it was after 5, I needed to get to the Pharmacy before it closed. Doctor has put our little one on a arthritis meds until he can get a appointment with a specialist. Other customers left ASAP and I gave them the I am sorry look as they went out the door. This is part of being a store owner and working with the public, and I know this but sometimes it makes me see RED!

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jennifer said...

Oh JERRI! I don't want that to happen to you but I am SO GLAD that it didn't happen while I was there. Can you imagine? I would have been cowering behind the counter.

Love your red display. Is that in the store now? Very Jerri with all of that red!

Take Care and keep your cool!!!