Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can you believe I had a creative spurt yesterday. I love Lisa Kaus art. I admire her spirit and doddle alot after looking at her blog. Yesterday I went into the basement and grabbed a piece of wood and went to work. It was so much fun to create again. I had dried up and had no creative juices flowing inside me for quite awhile. Dear Daughter said " It's cute, but what cha going to do with it"? Well, it they will hang in my room until I get a new look. Don't burst my creative bubble. I pulled pictures for a crop I am attending in August too.


JennV said...

Them's just plain Beautimous! I'm in major need of some Creative Draino as well at the moment... Maybe if I'd actually clean the craft room enought to get TO the table I'd find my muse! Oh! I preordered a few goodies that will be in the new SU Catalog... YAY!!!


jennifer said...

Just WOW! Aww Jerri they are so PRETTY! You really do have a gift. Keep those juices a flowing.

Saturday. THERE with bells on.