Sunday, July 27, 2008

No new Junque to show you this weekend, trying to save up to attend the world longest yard sale in 2 weeks.

But Hubby and I had a "DATE NIGHT" . We had dinner, a movie, ice cream after and came home to a quite house. It was really nice, I wanted to see Mama Mia, but the last movie we went to was P.S I Love You, a true chic flick. So I let him choose and we saw Hancock, WoW, I like it. I didn't think I would, but I did. Face it, I love Will Smith, always have. Little love story, little funny, alot of action. Good for both of us. We also went by the hospital to see a friend that had a accident on a motorcycle last Saturday .

And I need to know something.

When did they put a "EARTHQUAKE" button in elevators?

I live in Alabama.


jennifer said...

So Hancock was good? I love Will Smith too. He is awesome!


JennV said...

I still think I'll wait for the DVD... Mama Mia... Do I feel a Girl's Night coming on?!?!?