Thursday, February 07, 2008

Boy, what a week! There is major
rearranging and redoing at the
shop this week, daughter has the flu
or something like it, basketball
pratice every night, getting ready
for the first game on Friday night
and just everyday chaos.

Here are the pics of my recent Estate and Junkin trips.
I love love love the glass place cards, can't you just see them at a luncheon, before bridge, with the girls.

This little fellow, just stole my heart.
And I love odd pin cushions, the heart box, well, it's Valentines. Maybe a nice man with buy it to put a large diamond in it, for his sweetie.

Love old packs of needles, and even a lady needs a pretty swiss army knife, of sorts.

This find, was actually found by Jennifer. Or she pointed it out. The wine rack was a thrift store find. I recently had bought 3 cases of unused wine bottles, don't ask. I will tell you, we live in the country and alot of guys make wine, and women too. Passes the time I guess. As we opened the boxes, we noticed they are all cobolt blue, they made a outstanding display. The two pictures were bought for the frames, but I kinda like them both. And the coal bucket will sell fast, good color and still useful.
Well, I am already looking in the paper for this weekend sales. Maybe I won't miss the auction house that burnt.
Happy Thursday.

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jennifer said...

Yea! The wine rack. A follow up pic with the blue bottles would be great - it really does look pretty Jerri. I am giggling at you thinking about how antsy you probably are to start re-working your craft space. Like a Kid! Jennifer