Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wood Mortuary
We are Dead serious about your loved one!
We went to a costume Party on Saturday night, I think we were darn cute......
Terry had business cards he handed out to everyone.
I think he actually enjoyed it.
Sunday night, we hosted a Scavenger Hunt for the little ones.
I decided at the last minute to come up with an adult one too. And I think they enjoyed it more than the children.
One of the things the adults had to do was go into a store, put your hand over your heart and pledge allegiance. I wish I was a fly on the wall for this one. One of the stores, knew what was on the list, by the nights end.
There was 2 child winners with 28 of the 31 items.
There was only one adult winner.
As they went out the door, I told them to be creative.
So the winner, brought back 8 child's train tracks when I ask for a 8-track or album.
Way to go teams.
It was fun to see them, have so much fun.
Tonight is the real fun, the grandsons tried on outfits after baths last night, just to make sure all is well. Everything is lay ed out, so all they have to do is jump in and start trick or treating.
I on the other hand will kick back and enjoy a quite night. No trick or treats, out this far.
Please have fun and be safe out there tonight.
Happy Halloween

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