Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!
Having a wonderful birthday today, lots of calls, cards,visitors, flowers from hubby and goodies. My BBF came to the shop and spent a few hours with me to day, armed with presents and cake. We had a great time.
Another friend, Jennifer wrote and brought this cute poem, I just had to share. Love you all and Thank you for making my day special.
you know they say "everytime" a bell rings.
an angel gets her wings...
well I have more to say
about ringy dingy things.

i hope when the phone rings
its always a trusted friend.
i hope when the slots ring
it's sevens and you win
i hope when your ears ring
its fireworks from the forth
when you hear from the center ring
its truly the greatest show on earth.
i hope when the doorbell rings
its a giant check and balloons
and when a word rings true
i hope its spoken by you
when someone blows a smoke ring
may it be up your ass.
and when you get a diamond ring
may it not be made of glass
i've run out of rhyming words
about ringy dingy things
well, hell! here's your bell.

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