Monday, October 08, 2007

Been in a wonderful place the last few days. Spiritually, I guess. Almost mellowed out. Very alert of things around me and seeing beautiful things in everyday occurrences. For instance: Sunday we took the grandsons to church. I had the 2 year old next to me. As the preacher started to speak, he said he would be preaching from Matt 6 . Dear hubby picked up the bible and turned to the chapter. See I am the one who always does this. And to see him do this was beautiful. A bible in my husbands hand is a beautiful sight.
I saw the 2 year old hug his brother after I had gotten on to him for snatching a toy away. He did not give him the toy but he did hug him, without me asking.
I saw a red a white striped tent in a field yesterday, old fashion tent revival. It was beautiful.
I got a new book on Sunday afternoon, Ali Edwards- Life Artist. I recommend it. She makes you look at things in a different way. And I think I like it. Stay Tuned for more inspired post.

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JennV said...

How sweet! Snuggle down in this place and enjoy it! I'm soo loving the new pic too!