Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We spent a beautiful weekend at the Greenville Shriners Hospital celebrating their 80th birthday. Lots of fun and rewarding, it is good to renew your outlook of why we work so hard. Seeing the hospital and some children that had received help, was inspiring. On Saturday we visited a friend, Hubby had gone to school with. After 30 years they reconnected. I enjoyed meeting them and we all had a great time. We BBQ and watch the game. Not much different than being at home. Looking forward to a lazy week, with not alot going on. Bunco on Thursday and a Ladies Retreat on Saturday. I am in the " I don't want to think, just be" mode. But I did scrapbook a few pages yesterday. Daughter has another friend having a baby, It's a girl! So I get to create a Pink album. It has been awhile since I could do this, with all the boys around here. Also this page is my Very Best Friend In The Whole Wide World, Love this picture. Could not wait to work with it.... I like it alot.

Have a great week.

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JennV said...

I love the page! Great subject you have there! You are one busy woman... don't forget the Dory Principle...
Keep on Swimming... Keep on Swimming!