Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Update

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my Shriner lady friends @ a lake retreat house . When you get 25+ ladies together there is not a dull or quite moment. We laughed, ate, cried, played cards, practiced a dance routine, ate, practiced playing the hand bells, played more cards, ate some more, and watched football. I was relaxed when I got home, so relaxed that I layed down for a hour or so. Lack of sleep is also on the line up for this retreat. We played card until 2 every morning, and up bu 7 a.m. I was going to share pictures of this beautiful place but I can't find my camera. So until then, here is a photo of a resent scrapbook page. I completed this after Grandson#1 invited god into his life. Do you believe I forgot my camera. Well, this is just as good.

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