Thursday, October 25, 2007

This morning as I was surfing the many blogs I read, I noticed what an assortment( for the lack of a better word) they are. I read scrapbooking blogs, Inspirational blogs, organizing blogs, junkin or antique blogs, altered art blogs and Dubya the tumor blog. This is a blog of a man than had a brain tumor and started a blog and his journey. Although I may never meet these people, I feel as though we are friends. So when a friend asks for prayers for a loved one or just because they are facing a difficult week, I pray. I agree the computer has brought challenges for many families, but this is just one of the good things, I feel the computer has brought to our lives. So I am here to ask for your prayer for my niece, Elizabeth. She has juvenile diabetes. She has had a difficult couple of years. She graduated last May and has gone to school to become a nurse. She has been in and out of the hospital alot lately. November is National Diabetes Month and if you are ask to donate, please do.

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JennV said...

Prayers heading Elizabeth's way my friend! I'm thankful that you are among My Friends and I get to see you face to face even!