Friday, October 05, 2007

New Treasures

A few months ago, a lady walked into my shop and ask if I would like to have the items in her arms. They had a shop in the 70's and these items had been packed away since. She told me they were building a home in Cleveland and ask if I would be interested in purchasing other items when they got moved. Well, that time was about 2 weeks ago. She called, I told hubby, we went and looked. And oh, my goodness, I got alot of new goodies. This picture is just a few items I had brought home to clean up. It took me almost a week to get them out. I still have a box full of old books. And a few thing that need to be researched. There was pearls, toys, books, magazines, glass, games, knifes,few coke items. occupied japan, so many treasures. So come on by and see what I old - new stuff I have.

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JennV said...

Waaay Slick! I need to come and see your new-old stuff! Oh... check out my blog... you'll be happily suprised!