Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I just got a disturbing phone call......let me start at the beginning.

Over the weekend the #2 grandson has been sick, and not eating. But the doctor said as long as we get him to drink, it will be okay. So on the way to get his mom from work yesterday , he wanted Tea. So I pulled into McDonald's (first mistake) and got this sick, sweet thing a big tea. We had to wait on Mom for a few minutes and he wanted out of his seat. I let him out ( this was my second mistake). When Mom started toward the car, he accidentally stepped on the Styrofoam cup and busted it. The tea filled up the cup holders and flowed all over everything and me. Sticky sweet tea. All at once I realize, my phone was floating in the cup holder. It is time for a new phone and I have looked. But I don't want to make a decision on a split second. So we dried it with a blow dryer and recharged it. But this morning it was dead, so I ask hubby to just go by and pick me up a new phone after work. I have been saying I wanted an i phone....but only if they reduce the price a little more, like less than $150.00 . yeah, right. So I have been looking all morning @ new phones on-line. And just now the phone rang, caller ID said it was me. Can you believe hubby has got this phone to work. blank screen but working. So will I get a new phone, or accidentally drop it in the toilet? Update: Hubby came in with a new phone this afternoon, he is a sweetheart.

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JennV said...

Unh huh... Likely story! Don't be using that sweet innocent little fella as your scape goat toward new phonedom. LOL! I say, get the phone you want... Ya only live once!