Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ever receive that perfect bouquet of flowers and never want them to die? I love flowers and I don't care if they are going to die, I will enjoy them while they are alive. Hubby knows the quickest way to soften me up is to bring me flowers. It melts my heart. He thought of me during the day and stopped to bring me alittle joy. And when I want flowers I say " It sure would be nice to have some flowers" sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. This bouquet was sad and started to die within a day or so. So I went ahead and hung them up in the ceiling of my studio. I have enjoyed them alittle longer. And soon they will be dried and I can carry them to the store and use in decorating. Here hoping someone brings you alittle joy. And if they don't, pick some up next time you are in the grocery store. I am sure it will brighten your day.

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