Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is TYLER, my nephew.
We are so proud of you!
He graduated last night from High school.
And as I sat there and observed , I could pick out the parents in that auditorium.
The mothers was smiling and snapping pictures, while the fathers had their arms around their wife and smiling.
They are so proud of their child.
There was a few seniors that strutted across the stage, proud of themselves too.
There was a few more things I observed,
Girls, don't wear high heels on your graduation day if you are not use to them.
Only in Alabama do quotes come from Forrest Gump and Dr Seuss.
The class was handed a yellow rose as they left the stage.
The girls held on to their rose lovingly.
The boys twirled the flower, and some left it laying on the floor in front of them .
As my class of 1979, closes in on our 30th class reunion this year,
I wonder do these children know that they will never all be together again?


Jeanette said...

Ok, as if I don't feel old enough, ha, ha!!! I still remember the chunky little fellow that used to run around Uncle Terry & Aunt Jerri's house. :) Congrats to Tyler!! Is he headed to Auburn too?

Keetha said...

Handsome young cowboy!!!

jennifer said...

Congratulations to the Grad!

Love your observations, especially Dr Suess and Forrest Gump :)