Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Post
Jenn suggested you type in the Google search
Jerri needs...............
and see what comes up.
1. Jerry needs no help playing with his balls.* if I had balls, I would need no help, believe me.
2. What everyone is feeding their cat, now with pic of Jerri. * I am going to leave this one alone.
3. Jerri needs chocolate and sex, in that order* oh, do they know me.
After that it got alittle racy, so I must have a exciting life.
So click on over to Google and see what you need.


Anonymous said...

Its me, Linda. First of all, what are you doing up at 4:47 am? Next, that is not what I expected to see when I looked at your blog. I guess tomorrow will be the day. I hope it doesn't rain.


JennV said...

I'm STILL amazed at the text I got today! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Now I've got to come up for a RIDE!

jennifer said...

Reading Jenn's comment.... DO TELL!

Jeanette said...

Whaaaaaaaaaat???? I can't believe you haven't already posted the news!!! After you called me yesterday morning, I saw 4 of them around town, 2 red, 1 black and 1 silver. Hurry and get the pics up girl!! :D