Friday, May 15, 2009

It has been a busy week!
And alittle tiresome, having to drive around every afternoon working on my tan....
I got my first snub yesterday as I pulled into the Piggy Wiggly.
A lady snubbed me as she passed. I did have the top down and was enjoying that it was not raining.
Did I snub people that had a convertible?
Had I been ugly, and had bad thoughts.
Yeah, I probably did.
I have wanted this car for a long time.
All I can say to her is keep the faith, believe you can do it!
Yes, you can !
That was straight from Bob the Builders mouth.
Enjoy your weekend.
I know I will.


Jeanette said...

Woo hooooo!! What a beauty!!! Though, I was hoping to see some pics of you in the car. Have you named her yet? Something that gorgeous needs a name, don't you think? You deserve it, even if you did snub people who had a convertible before. :D

Hope Malott said...

sweet sweet new ride!

jennifer said...

Girl that is one SWEET new ride! Yeah, I'd snub ya but I'd be drooling while I did it :)

JennV said...

Now that's some kinda purty! I can't wait till I get to have a ride!!!