Monday, May 04, 2009

I am having a lazy Monday.

Still in my gown at noon and sipping coffee.

We have had a rainy weekend.

Saturday was our 3 annual Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter,

Spring Cleaning Sale at the shop.

The forecast was a 20% chance of rain and it was centered above the shop.

But after noon it slowed and people did get out and about.

On Friday I had car problems.

But I didn't know until

I drove in the driveway , I saw where there was a trail of oil.

And it was coming from Sally.

Sally is old, over 10 years old .

But she still gets me from point A to B.

And she has no payments.

Hubby check her out and it is a transmission sill and the Ford place want $700.00 to start.

What to do... What to do....

I have been teasing hubby about a convertible.

But truth is, convertibles are not made for big girls.

But the smaller girl inside still wants one.

So we are in the thinking stage.

Thinking and wondering if we need to bite the bullet and get a new car.


Suck it up and spend $ on old Sally.


Wouldn't I look good in this?


Jeanette said...

You'd look great in it!!! But where do the car seats go? :D

Jerri junque said...

oh, no car seats in my new car, only nanny and paw paw with the wind blowing through my hair and the sun burning paw paws bald spot........

bc crumb said...

ok jerri i think you should go for it but remember who your friends are OLD FAT LADYS like the wind in they're hair too we could go to the redneck sales really fast

JennV said...

Go for it! Get you one of them fancy, sporty, RED, ragtops and let the wind whip through your hair!

Jeanette said...

Giggle!!! :D I didn't know Paw Paw had a bald spot! Just keep really strong sunscreen in the glove box and you're ready to hit the highway!!!

jennifer said...

YES! You would rock that car!

LOL on carseats. Does it have a rumble seat?