Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day Everyone!

This pic are from a May Day Basket I got from my sweet swap partner Hope.
DD had helped me pack up the last of Hope's goodies and was so excited to see what was in my box when it arrived.
She met me at the door with scissors in hand to open the package.
Last week Hope had e-mailed me and ask me many questions.
Like flocking or glitter
velvet or satin
So I was too,
excited to see what she had in store for me.
It was so much fun and I never once thought to wait till May Day.
I tore into the package to see all these notes on each package and it was soooo much fun.
Hope, you really out did your self.
Thank you so much.
Recently, I had considered collection vintage change purses.
And in the last package I opened was a change purse.
So another collection has started.
Thanks again Hope!

1 comment:

jennifer said...

The change purse collection is good to know :) I'll keep my eye out.

Very cool goodies. Hope did a great job!