Friday, April 24, 2009

Where is a man in tight and a cape when you need one?

Let me start out by saying

I have a fear of birds!

When they are in my shop, flying in my space.

Now, get your self off the floor and stop laughing.

I could not be the only one.

As I went into the shop yesterday, it was a beautiful day, so I propped the door open to let some of the old store smell out and fresh air in.

And low and behold a bird flew in.

I stood still, thinking.....

Would hubby leave work and drive 40 miles to save me?

Could I call 911, would they send the rescue squad?

Should lock up and go home?

What kind of note would I put on the door?


Put on you big girl panties and deal with it!

SO I grabbed the broom, and chased that silly thing around the store for ever.

Then I called hubby, just to see if he was willing to come home, or had an idea.

Let's just say, he ain't coming!!!!

So I tried to do some work, an ignore that little thing.

It kelp flying around and I squealed like a little girl each time.

A male customer came in, I told him about the bird, not about my fear.

He said, Let me look at him.

He did and said. " oh, it's a sparrow and you will never get it out of here, it will just die in here".

I was thinking, all along, Oh no! with a panic look on my face.

No tights, on that man!

after he left I decided to try once more.

then in came Linda, bring items for her booth.

She is my Super hero.

She made me hold the broom and not let it back to the back room, her daughter came by and each time it flew toward us we screamed.

But it went out.

After 30 minutes or so.

It just took 3 of us.


Linda, I am sure wears tights and a cape,

she just left them at home.

And how was you Thursday?

Anything exciting happen?

Do you have a hero?


bccrumb said...

oh you wimp i had two birds in my house for two days they pooped everywhere finally open doors they left with a few less feathers

jennifer said...

L! O! L!

Not that I would laugh at your fears or anything. I bet that was so funny to see.

Keetha said...

Oh honey - - - birds get in my classroom ALL THE TIME (don't ask why) and I have getting them OUT down to a SCIENCE. (Pun intended - - - I'm a science teacher you know)

Don't chase them around with a broom. When they LAND in a window or other small space, drop a blanket or jacket over them. That disorients them and they settle right down. Then you can scoop them gently up in the blanket, walk them to the door, and let them fly away free. I've done this multiple times all by myself and it always works.

You DON'T want to let them die in the shop. Several times a bird got in our school over the weekend, got trapped someplace like a classroom or a locker, and pooped and puked all over the place before it died. It wasn't pretty!!!

Jeanette said...

Oh yeah, I've witnessed you wig out when there was a bird in the room, or even near you when we were outside. Jennifer is right, it's pretty funny to see!! So glad Linda came to your rescue, and the bird's too. :)

Hope Malott said...

Jerri... you need a cat! LOL!

JennV said...

Poor Jerri! Don't worry... you are not alone. Hubby's right there with ya! YAY Linda!!!

JennV said...

Oh... I forgot to tell ya... I once knew a MILITARY man that is afraid of COTTON BALLS!!! So don't worry about your fear of birds!!!