Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last night we had a program a church and a speaker.
A man that had grew up in our community in the 30's.
He is now a story teller.
This is one of his stories.
I was born March 31, 1936
My daddy was in his 60's when I was born.
It cost $25.00 for old doc Brown to come to the house and deliver me.
And $25.00 was the money daddy needed to get fertilizer to start the years crop.
After a day or two, when daddy thought it was okay to leave Mama, he cut a trail to Oneonta.
His hope was to get the fertilizer he needed, but he didn't know how cause he had no money.
There was 2 shops that carried fertilizer in Oneonta, one was his friend Steve and the other was owned by his friend Frank.
So daddy stopped in to see Steve first.
As daddy stepped in the door, Steve yelled from the back for daddy to come on in.
I hear you have a new baby in your house.
Yes, daddy said
Steve ask, What did you name it?
Daddy said, Well you know you are my best friend Steve, so I named that baby Steve.
Steve laughed and ask how much fertilizer he needed.
Daddy told him he had no money, and Steve said, no worries, you can pay me in the fall.
So with half the fertilizer daddy went on to see Frank.
As he stepped in the door, Frank yelled from the back, I hear you have a new baby boy out at your place.
What did you name him?
Daddy said, Frank you are one of by best friends, so I named him after you.
So Steven Franklin was named.
But as he was growing up he had to defend is name a few times,
cause boys just called him fertilizer for short.
Take the time to Listen today to a story.

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