Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I had a busy day yesterday.

Doctors appointment and shopping for supplies for the upcoming scrap booking retreat.

Jenn and Bill took me here, for the first time.

Yes, I was a Costco virgin.

As I walked into the fresh vegetable cooler, I believe the sky parted and light streamed into the room.

Maybe even a melody of angels sang as we entered.

As the cool air wrapped it's loving arms around me.

But as we were shopping, and in no hurry. My doctor called and wanted to move up my appointment. So we had to rush and leave.

So now I am trying to convince Hubby to buy a membership.

But some how he doesn't get the heaven I was in yesterday.


Jeanette said...

Yeah, Bobby doesn't get it either especially since Sam's is soooo close to us. (ugh) We even dropped our Sam's membership since we never go anymore. :) But I'd take a Costco membership anyday!!!

jennifer said...

I've never been to Costco!! We live close to Sam's and shop there often. Now I am curious about Costco!

JennV said...

That day was such a trip! (To Brookwood even! LOL!) Anytime you wanna go to the Heaven called Costco you just let me know! Same goes for Jen too!