Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is a pic of a few items i picked up at a local auction a week or so ago.
Trying to get ready for our
Spring Cleaning Sale on Saturday.
So I planted flowers and make outdoor things all weekend.
I love planting flowers in enamel pots and in things you wouldn't thing of planting flowers in.
And they always sell pretty good too.
While we were out on Saturday night, hubby got proposed to.
Apparently the girls was on a scavenger hunt for a bridal shower. And had to propose to someone. So if he goes through with it maybe she will do the laundry.
I am so enjoying this beautiful warm weather, hard to believe last week it was 31 degrees one morning.
Practicing for a Pink Lodge performance again,
May 9th
at Hewitt North Birmingham Lodge.
Pink Lodge is a play about what the woman think the men are doing in Lodge, really funny.
I am the door knocker, and no one gets in or out with out me knocking on the door.
Oh, and did I tell you I have a speech problem.
Really a funny skit.
Enjoy your week


Keetha said...

I love how you have all that stuff displayed on the chair!!!!

JennV said...

YAY! I FINALLY get to see y'all do the Pink Lodge! I've been wanting to see it since you first told me about it! YAY!

jennifer said...

Crud. Did you know I WAS coming home tonight for revival at my Dad's old church and because I'm puny I decided to stay home? I could have made the sale!

Please don't tell me you are making those cake on a stick things again this year. I really don't think I could take the disappointment of missing them.