Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am on my soap box!
Last night we were robbed!
This post is for the person that broke into my house when I was not at home.
Get a job!
A real one, one that requires you to get up every morning and leave your house.
One that you have to work at, so that you feel good about yourself when you get your paycheck. A feeling that you worked for your money and deserved every penny. Then take that money home and pay your bills. And buy nice things for you and your family. Get on your knees each day and thank God for what he has allowed you to have.
Pray for the person that will come into your home, and go through your things, tossing them here and there. Taking what he wants. Things that you and you husband has worked to have.
And then feel safe in your house again.
I can't pray for you, not now.
I am still to angry.
It will come,
I know it will but not today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that happened. Your chances of serving on a jury are blown. If they ask you if something has happened that will sway your decision, you have to say "YES!"


jennifer said...

Oh Jerri, I am so bloomin' sorry. That ticks me off too. I will pray for you and that person - carry your burdens.