Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Closing ?
( Google image)
I found out last week that a Church in our community would be no more.
The Tabernacle Church in Locust Fork would merge with The Turning Point church,
because of lack of members.
This church is over 100 years old.
It has always ( in my lifetime) been Tabernacle.
Because Tabernacle is the same denomination as my church,
As a young child we would be ask to join in on plays, and special events.
I remember this fondly.
In a time when people are losing jobs, families are losing homes, and money is as tight as bark on a tree,
I was naive in thinking the churches was safe.
As I googled Church Closing I was amazed that there was 9,450,000 hits.
Where do we go in a time of need
if our church's close?
My church, is my safe place.
I feel protected in Church.
What do you think?


Keetha said...

I love that little white church image that you googled. We have a lot of those in WI, I'm sure some of them are closing too!! said...

That is so sad. I saw the sign on the corner of my road and Highway 79 and wondered what was going on. That is an old beautiful church. But Jerri, I have lived here in Locust Fork for 17 years today and only one time have I had anyone invite us to church.. People used to get out and invite people but no one seems to do that anymore. What denomination is Turning Point??

Jilll said...

I understand, our church in IN had a sister church that closed due to dwindling membership. My thoughts and prayers are with you and it's members.