Friday, March 06, 2009

Yesterday was a good mail day.
I got this book, I had been waiting for, my new spring issue of Creating Keepsakes.
I tried to wait .......
and wait......
and wait......
not to look at it.
I have so much I need to be doing to prepare for the Ironing Board Smorgasbord.
But as I was trying to print a few items, I saw it, staring me down.
So I had to peek.
I shrieked with excitement
I drooled
I couldn't put it down.
I love it gals.
I do so enjoy the re-use of old junk.
And these girls have it going on.


Keetha said...

Do you ever watch that DIY (or something) show "Junked"?

I think you'd LOVE it.

Jerri junque said...

Our DISH Network charges extra for DIY, so NO, I havn't seen it. Maybe I will catch it next time we get a preview month. I do love Junk!

Leigh of said...

ooooooooo! I am going to check that out!

jennifer said...

See you in a bit! I've got a magazine to go and buy :)

Keetha said...

Have your heard of the show "Junked?" This team of re-do experts picks up a piece of "junk" that someone has on the curb to be taken away as trash, they redo it and return it to the same house from which they took it - - - they basically ring the door bell and run, then watch the reaction from a distance. It's pretty cool - - - especially if you love junk!!!