Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Thursday and you know what that means...... you got it.....Thrifty Thursday!
So go on over to this blog and check out every one's thrifty finds.
As I remember my grandparents, I remember that they used everything to the last bit of potential.
My love for the beach and it's rewards is kinda like that.
I want to use my found treasures in a unique way, so I can enjoy them a little longer.
So I brought home this sea shell with a hole in it and glued my #1 grandson's pic in it.
I display this on my cake plate pedestal, when not in use.
Along with a bottle ( from the thrift store) containing a note.
Nice little display if I may say so my self.
I know you don't have a cake under that dome all the time, so create you a little hidden treasure.
Happy Thursday


Tracy said...

What a fun & clever display! Looks great! = )

Leigh of said...

Ph, Jerri! I just love that vingette! I just want to pop open the bottom and read. So intreging!
And great idea about the cracked shell. Clever!

Tahnks for playing along! I am sorry I was late in getting by today. I had kids activities which made me run late in my visits. Better late than never, huh?

Thanks again, Jerri! I just appreciate you playing!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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