Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I enjoy creating!

Don't you?

But I have question,

What do you do with them after you have enjoyed them for awhile?
I just hang them to the ceiling and admire them alittle longer.
I can't toss them out, I give some away, but not everyone has the same taste I do.
I have boxes full and this only one wall in my studio.
I am up for suggestions.
Have a happy day!

3 comments: said...

Start you an ETSY shop or put some in your shop for sale. There are a lot of people that love these things.


Keetha said...

How big is your studio? If it is big enough for a free standing screen, our art teacher had several tri-fold screens created out of frames and chicken wire. Then she hangs art (using clothes pins) to both sides. It is really cool.

jennifer said...

I wish I were creating that much! I agree with quilting - YOU need an Etsy shop.