Thursday, January 01, 2009

I tried to post yesterday and I tried to explain how each and every year
I start the year off trying to stick to a diet, only to fail sometimes with in 24 hours.
But instead, this year I am so thankful for what we have that losing weight seems so menial.
In the reality of this economic struggle, can you find something to be thankful for.
Of course we can.
Our lives has changed in the last few years.
Maybe not what we had thought our middle years would bring.
But we make the best of it.
We all struggle and have problems but human nature has taught us to deal with the event in our lives.
As a nation we elected Obama to be our next president. Although i did not vote for him,
I respect that the majority has.
And I am looking forward to change.
2009 can be a great year, if you let it.
What is the saying,
"Don't sweat the small stuff".
So I guess what I am trying to say is,
relax, enjoy what we have.
Try and except change.
This is a hard one for me.
But I am going to try.
Happy New Years!

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jennifer said...

Amen on don't sweat the small stuff. I am not making resolutions this year - first time EVER to not make a list.