Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I believe I heard a blowing noise and a little cheer as I put put Malik on the bus this morning. First day back at school. I need this quite time. Oh yeah, the 3 year old is in bed but I will have a hour anyway. What do I do.........ummmmmmmmmm I could clean, na. I could read....na. I could read blogs......why not. I will be glad when all the Christmas clearance stuff is gone from the shelves. I have spent more this year than ever before. But I have had an idea......wait for it........I am thinking about having my Jerri's Jingling Jubilee in August this year. So I have been frantic buying up supplies before they get gone. I really enjoy the creating and the girls that come, but it is so close to Christmas that it is hard to get everything done, for any of us. So expect a Christmas e-mail in August.
I have had Tuesdays off for the last few months and today , I go back to work too. And it is raining, there is Christmas stuff all over the store, and I have a couple of projects I want to competed too. So what will come first............
I did create a few scrapbooking pages over the last week or so, and one turned out great. I will get pictures ASAP.
So lift up that mug of coffee, here is to school starting back and alone time.

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jennifer said...

Woo Hoo! I was happy to put mine on the bus too. I didn't sleep much at all last night (two hours maybe) and I went right back to bed.

I think having the Jubilee in August is a GREAT idea! I will be more likely to get to come :)

Is the Chickadees crop full?