Friday, January 23, 2009

Do You See this Picture?

I am still so upset.

For 2 years now I have ask my customers to write a few word in Christmas cards that I mailed to Walter Reed Hospital.

I heard a report last year that said none of the cards that was not addressed to a specific soldier would be delivered, this was after I mailed them. So this year I put a return address. And when I went to my box a week or so ago it was full.
FULL of returned cards that might have put a smile on a soldier's face.
So my question is, who made this decision?
I understand the privacy issue but I am still upset.
I was trying to do a good deed and so was my customers.
I got this address from church.
Our church also sent cards the last two years.
This makes me so mad!!!!


Jill C. said...

That is aggravating. Maybe next time we could check with the local Armoury and get the name of one or two soldiers who would be willing to receive all the cards and distribute them. Maybe the unit's chaplain?
Hugs to you,

jennifer said...

You know, with privacy laws and such would you even be ABLE to get the name of soldiers? And the money that you were out for postage. That just stinks. said...

check with your congressman. They may can give you a place to mail the cards...Or help you get them to the soldiers.