Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been trying to finish the Baby Shower invitation for Dear Daughter. Cause

when she went to the doctor on Tuesday, she had already started to dilate. So we may have a baby at the shower. Shop is slow this week and so I had time to create. Signing up for CKU next week, it's in Nashville in May. I really enjoyed it 2 years ago. So have a nice week.


jennifer said...


Prayers for Jess!

JennV said...

Too Stinkin' Cute! And I bet you made use of the cool new play pretties that you and June got the other week! I'm Way Jealous over the Big Bug! :o)

Hey... Y'all have to make sure that Jess goes into labor on a night that I'm working! I'm getting an orientee next week so I'll be up stairs in the trenches till Delivery Day!