Friday, February 03, 2006 Check out this new monthly kits you can get. I like her look but have committed to a kit already lately. So do I ? ..............Or not? Thinking...Thinking.....Thinking......Thinking..... I think I need to think on it over the weekend.

As I reported Last week I have gotten a few pages done lately . I am now working on a new style to " All bundled up". Different than the one for Michael's class. But the same name. Kinda space-ie today, can't get a firm thought in my head this morning. This menopause stuff is for the birds. Have an appointment next week. Hubby is glad too. Seem to be really emotional all the time now. Cried at Reba's old song "Fancy" recently. I have heard it thousands of times and not really a favorite but on this day I booo hoooed.( Alot) Enough about that...

Have a god day!

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