Thursday, February 23, 2006

Okay , I have been dragged in kicking and screaming again. There is a Alabama boy! I turned on "American Idol" on Tuesday night and the girls were singing. I played with the grandchildren, did a little surfing on the internet, cleaned up the kitchen and it was over. Last night I was glued to the T.V. The guy were great. Not all of them , by all means. But from rockers to show tunes. I loved it. I had not seen any of the finals, that does not thrill me, get rid of the jokes and lets get down to the good stuff. If you watched did you see the "eye candy". There are some cuteies. After looking at the Alabama guy ( sorry his name has left me) I was afraid he was going to be a joke and he was not voted off in respect for Bo and Ruben. But he was a total surprise. I liked him. Simon was in rare form last night, I get tired of all the bickering with Paula. So you know where I will be tonight. Results Night! I always get pulled in when there is a Alabama contestant.

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