Thursday, February 09, 2006

It is Thursday and time for a poem!
Can you guess what this poem is about?
Can you tell I am having a Krispy Kreme attack.
I think everything you can think of, has had a poem written .
Happy Thursday!

YUM! The sweet taste of chocolate seemed near,Combined with sugary fat'ning dough,The aroma making your nostrils sear. You completed the last left turn and whoa,The thought of creamy donuts consumed you. Not looking at the close curb in the road,You slam the right pedal, the wrong thing to do.Supposed to be parking, instead you mowedA huge hole in the front of Krispy Kreme,Right through the glass front doors and windows.Good job, Grandma, we make a great ol' team,But there's no way I could follow my noseTo those long johns any faster than you!

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