Friday, August 20, 2010

I love to re purpose items. I love to use it -till it is used up. My and your grandparents did it, used it till it couldn't be used anymore. I love to find old vintage items that are used and used until the wood is smooth and repaired over and over again. I don't know why this appeals to me but it does. So to find a kindred spirit or blog that re purpose's items, is right up my alley.
We all have or will have a entertainment center like this one. Seems the new flat screens are to be hung on the wall. I am still hanging on to my old TV and Cabinet until it won't work, I am just a cheep scape. Why buy a new TV, just cause they are NEW! I don't get it! See Cheep! So what to do with this piece of furniture we paid way to much for. Since I have boys, grandsons, I won't be doing this but I would love all your suggestions. I have noticed a lot of entertainment center at the thrift stores too. So come on yall re purpose your items, lets use them up.

I really love this idea and my daughter would have loved this to play with as a child.
Looks like fun, doesn't it!


irasema said...

i told my mom we should do this for my niece! she will be 1 soon so we have a little time to find a great one and get to work.

mbaker said...

cool! I love the old stuff!!