Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blast from the Past!
(enlarge it and see if you can pick me out)
Could of, would of should of, it what I tell my hubby when we start to daydream out loud about our past.
That is just it, It is in the past.
Move on, live in the day!
But oh, how fat I thought I was back then.....
High school is beginning to be a blur for me. I have selective memory anyway. I remember what I want to remember.
Don't we all.
This was the good times, the days when the most you worried about was if you got a phone call from a boy. Now I hate to hear the house phone ring, cause it is a salesman. If you want me, call my cell phone, text me or send a e-mail.
Oh, how live has changed.
This picture was from 1978.
A long time ago.
I am in black, standing alone, between group one and two.
A fun post.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

You are a true southern lady - you've been in a beauty pageant!

*I was in one in third grade - I barely squeak by on qualifying for a southern lady since it was in elementary school :)

LOVE the picture! The judges down front deliberating and the girls just smiling smiling smiling... love it!