Monday, June 15, 2009

Terry, Lola and I took a mini road trip.
Up at 5 a.m

Out the driveway by 6.

On our way to the Atlanta Antique Flea Market.

Stopped to potty and got scratch offs, won a little! Yeah!!!

Passed some friend on the interstate, waved, stopped and talked.

Three hours to Atlanta, by 10 their time.

Love it, Love it!

Checked out Chippys booth (

Introduced myself to Lulu.

Didn't buy much inside where it was cool.

All the bargains was outside.

A lot of unusual stuff!

A lot I wanted to take home.

But I only got a few things.

I have to remember that I have to make a few bucks on what I put in the shop.
I fell in love with the purse that has forks for the handles.
And the red prisms, love em.
I did get a few things at the Leeds flea mall too.
I will take pics and get them on one day this week.
Drove through a storm, all the way to Leeds.
Stopped at Waffle house for waffles.
It was a good day!

Got home to alittle Daughter Drama.

All will be fine.

Just please say a prayer for her little family.


Jeanette said...

Glad you had a good time, love all your finds....... but now I want waffles, thanks!!! :D

Keetha Broyles said...

I see you got an underwear dishcloth!!!

Jerri junque said...

I have an obession with these little ones, in red and white. I just pack em away. I will come up with a way to display them someday.

jennifer said...

OH! Color me IN LOVE with the red crystals.

I'll pray!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

JERRI...hello lovey...glad to find your spot.
FIRSTLY,, It ISNT A FLEA MARKET..we get sensitive about that here. It is Scott's Antique Market.
SECONDLY< I had a ton of bargains... Lauri doesn't do the show as she hates the drive and hates the 7:00 a.m move in on Thursday.
Pls come back and see me in JULY...good are a doll.
oxoxox lulu