Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warning: Long post

Merry Christmas Everyone
It is beginning to smell alot like Christmas.
It may not look like Christmas at out house but it is smelling like it.
Want to play "Do you remember"?
My grandfather would roll oranges between his strong hands and juice them up. Cut a hole in the top, slide a soft candycane into the orange. And we would suck out the juice.
And what a wonderful taste.
And a wonderful memory.

The Store's Christmas open House was Saturday and we had a crowd.

Well, we had in about 40 people , that's alot for us.

The store looked great.

Thank you Barbara!

We worked all week, actually for about 3 weeks off and on and it showed.

I got alittle upset when someone would come in and buy the displays. Because I would have to come up with something else. But that is why we are there, to sell our goods.

Jerri's Jingling Jubilee was Sunday.

We had a really good time.

But this year I have a few kits left, so until they are gone you can purchase all 10 kits for one price $20.00 + shipping.

Or you can pick them up.

We completed 10 items on Sunday, drank not so egg nog ( taste like melted homemade ice cream), and no get together is complete without chocolate.

I was so happy to see your girls, some of you it had been awhile.

I did get my tree up on Tuesday and it has lights.

That night I walked through the kitchen and there was power ranger hanging from the branches.

Grandson #2 had decorated the tree his way.

I feel alittle lost this week, I have no decorating to complete at the shop, the Jubilee is finished. And so I started a book.

Is it time for me?

Get real, you still have to shop, I only have 2 gifts bought.

Bake all the Christmas goodies, decorate the tree at home, climb into the attic and get out all the decorations. Basketball game tonight, practice on Saturday. Next week is Christmas play, daycare program, more basketball, dentist appointment, 1/2 school on Friday and then the boys are out for the holidays.

So Happy Holiday Everyone!

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jennifer said...

SO MUCH FUN AND I MISSED IT ALL!!! WAAAAAAAAAH! Ok, enough of the toddler fit. I am so glad that you had a good jubilee and a good turnout for open house. And I know how much time and planning you put into these things. I bet you are feeling a little lost.

We won't be home again until sometime in January. I have a secret that I need to email you!!