Monday, December 15, 2008

Road Trip on Saturday! June, my sister in law and partner in fun!

There was snow!
There was accident on a bridge, but that did not stop us!
(we didn't have a accident)

This sign was in the Lobby of the hotel

This is Jared, Thanks for the directions, We went right to it...

We went to Jenni Bowlins
Christmas Open House in
Mt. Juliet Tn.
We went to the antique shop she has her goodies in,
We also went to Franklin Tn. Antique stores Christmas open House.
We had a ball.
I always get so star struck, when I meet celebs.
It was a really fun weekend!
I hope she does it again, next year.
I will be there with bells on.
Maybe I will leave the tensile at home.

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jennifer said...

That is a beautiful picture of June! What a fun trip you lucky girl.