Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone
The day are getting shorter and filled with more things I think I need to get done. This is a very busy week, 2 basketball games, Christmas play, daycare play, baking, shopping and the hunting of the Wii.
Yes, we did not have any luck looking for a Wii, when we went shopping. But after calling all Walmarts in a 100 mile radius, we found one. A truck had just delivered a few and we made a mad dash to pick it up, All is well. And wrapped and under the tree. The grandsons will get a Wii for Christmas. As I write this there is clothes laying on my bed that need to be folded, more in the dryer, the washer and dish washer is humming, and cookies in the oven. Grandson #2 has rearranged the tree and played with all the ornaments, grandson #1 said last night @ 6, that he needed cookies for school today oh, and a boy gift too. So off to Walmart, we go. School is out today at noon, it is almost that time. So it is time for me to second guess myself, do I have enough for him or her, maybe I need to get a few more things, I don't want the kids to be disappointed. Do you do his? I go through this every year. I think I will go back to Walmart one more time, just to look around....

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jennifer said...

The wreath is SOOOOO you! I love that. You need my pink and blue button trees. Then again, you make such pretty things you probably have those colors already LOL!

Merry Christmas Jerri.