Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday was eventful. For Cleveland anyway. We had our Homecoming parade. The parade always comes next to the shop, so all the moms and Nanny's come by and we sit and watch the children. With the parents in and out, I still managed to complete a page yesterday. I pulled a older picture out of my box to create this one. It is of my brother and sister in law's wedding. What do you think? Well, today is Friday and I am ready for a rest. But it won't happen this weekend. The gang in coming to the house to prepare for the wedding reception that will be here next weekend. A lot of grass cutting, trimming, gutter cleaning and raking will be going on. So have a good weekend and if you need something to do and would like a hot dog, come on over Sunday after church. I have a rake that will fit your hand.

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jennifer said...

The page is gorgeous!!!

Aw! I miss Cleveland! I remember those parades and picking up candy and putting it in the teachers bag to split with the class. I really miss HOME!

Have a great, albeit BUSY, week. What gets done will get done. And what doesn't won't. No biggie. OK?