Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Halloween Week Post

This week will be filled with Halloween stories, fun and maybe a few crafty items. So sit back and enjoy the week.

On Saturday we went to a Halloween party ( code for dress up and come on over and watch the Alabama game).

So here is our costumes.

I was struck by lighten, hubby was Thing 1

Moral of this story

Don't use MURRAY'S HAIR DRESSING POMADE to make your hair stand on end.

Hot water rolls off, almost makes it more stiff. Shampoo and conditioner will not penetrate.

Off to the computer with towel over my hair, reading the website @ 1 a.m

Removing the product
To remove the product. Murray's was originally formulated to stay in the hair, therefore, getting it out may be difficult for some hair types. Use a strong clarifying shampoo or liquid dish washing soap and work into dry hair, slowly add small amounts of water to build foam, as the foam dissipates add more water, do this a few times prior to rinsing. There are many other ways which customers have submitted to us including, wash with Coca-Cola, Use a hair dryer and a fine toothed comb to melt the wax and pull it out.

Wouldn't you know it!!!

Tried it all !!

Didn't work!!!

It was 2 a.m I went to bed.....

Total washing at this point.


Up at 6:45

I have too much to do today and I need this stuff out of my hair.....

Back to the computer, I know I can't be the only person to put this stuff in their hair...and I was right.

There are many of us and the tips helped.

Thanks all....

I used dish detergent and olive oil.

And lot's of it...

Total washings


Stay Tuned for a drawing the end of this week...

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jennifer said...

Am I a bad friend if I laughed at this? I was already giggling a Terry and his thing one costume. The giggles just wouldn't stop. And I NEEDED some giggles Jerri... so don't be mad at me for laughing.

It really was a good costume idea, just difficult to un do.

Hope you have a great week! I MISS YOU!

Jerri junque said...

Go ahead and laugh, I have...I even shed a few tears when the stupid stuff would not come out of my hair.....hahaha

JennV said...

ROFLPIMP!!! I'm freekin dying over here! Only you my friend! Hey... ya reckon it would even last through an actual lightening strike? Now DON'T go runnin out waving a big ol' rod with your hair standing on end in a rainstorm or anything to test it!

I'm glad that you actually did gt it out. And had the CLEANEST and most Well Conditioned hair possible!

Love Ya!!!