Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barbara and I worked on rearranging this part of the shop on Wednesday. We liked the wall that Jennifer and I had created awhile back so we just added to it. We giggled and laughed till we was pooped. Our Motto for this section LESS IS NOT A OPTION!

We will be having a Christmas open house on December 6th.
Along with all the antique stores in the Blount County area.
If you are around that day , please stop by. 25% of the sales will be donated to the Children's Home. They help abused children in our area.
So check back for updates on the shop, we will be adding and rearranging all month.

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jennifer said...

Oh I am jealous. I know how much fun that was. I wish that we could be in town for the open house. We aren't going to make it back at all in October and looks like just one in November... so maybe?

Great idea to donate the money.